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Strategic CFO & Executive Business Advisory Services
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Business Plan Development and Raising Capital to Fuel Growth 
Business Process Improvements &
Re-Structuring Services 

Analysing Data
Financial Reporting and Compliance Services
  • Startups and Game Changing Disruptors

  • Companies Needing to Parachute In a C-Level Executive to Fill a Sudden & Immediate Vacancy

  • Emerging Growth Companies Requiring a Business Plan to Support Their Planned Growth and Competitive Advantage

  • Distressed, Underperforming Companies Need Fixing (Operational and Financial)

  • Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Banks 

  • Boards of Directors, CEO's  and C-Level Management Teams

  • Publicly Traded  Companies & Companies Looking to Go Public to Support Future Growth

  • Businesses Looking to Enter the US Market

  • Businesses Looking to Raise Capital - Debt and Equity

  • Businesses Contemplating a Merger and Acquisition

  • Businesses Preparing for a Third Party Valuation and Exit

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