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Our Services 

Business and Financial Advisory Services


As a business becomes more complex, organizations engage in a huge range of activities likely to affect their financial performance and shareholder value.


Engaging an independent seasoned and experienced RAMP professional /executive provides an extra set of eyes and ears to help you see around corners to anticipate and mitigate potential challenges before they arise. It also allows you to identify opportunities that can promote business growth and resolve problems before they become unmanageable, or at worst, unfixable.

If the business is not quite ready to hire a full time strategic CFO or cannot afford the expense, RAMP can be "rented" as a fractional CFO to fill that role and provide the high level financial strategies to ensure gaps and blind spots are addressed effectively.  

Additional services provided by the RAMP Executive Consulting Group may include the following:

  • Driving organizational change in your business that can lead your company out of the status quo, mitigate risk and help shape its future 

  • Contract Management and Administration:

    • Supplier Agreements

    • JV Agreements

    • Subsription Agreements -Service and Support ( SAAS )

    • Channel Partner Agreements

    • Financing Agreements - Debt, Equity, Leases

  • Developing a Compensation Plan and Structure for Sales and Marketing by:

    • Identifying market opportunities and define a plan of attack

    • Enhance and combine your sales, marketing and digital capabilities into a powerful system

    • Establishing an International Network of Channel Partners to grow revenues and expand market

  • For Canadian companies, unraveling the complexities of taking your company beyond borders and planning an entry into the US marketplace to grow your revenues

  • M&A Due Diligence Reviews and Services

  • Risk Management Assessment and Recommendations

  • Selling a business  

Our mission for each engagement is to generate workable, practical and measurable results that exceeds the expectations of our clients and positions them to achieve their business goals and realize their true enterprise value in the competitive and ever changing marketplace.

Analysing Data
Business Process Improvements, Re-Structuring Services

Business Process Improvements

  • At a minimum, at the 40,000 foot level, let RAMP provide an expert-level view on the whole business, its historical and projected financials, its  key operational elements and weigh our findings against the competition and market forces that can be incorported into the business's DNA.  

  • Given the multi-faceted nature of a business and the idiosyncrasies of each unique venture, bringing in C-Suite as your trusted advisor to help develop or pressure test management's current plan will :

    • add a holistic view of your business, business case, business plan and business model design;

    • assess the total addressable market size (TAM);

    • develop your go-to-market strategy; competitive advantages;

    • clinically plan for your new market entry;

    • assess and vett your pricing and monetization plan capabilities;

    • provide experience in customer acquisition strategy;

    • firm up your capital raising structure; and

    • ensure the company is resourced properly with leaders and talent to execute the plan.

RAMP Financial Advisory Services Inc. ("FAS") is a wholly owned subsidiary of RAMP Executive Consulting Group Inc.


RAMP FAS provides comprehensive end-to-end Finance and Accounting (“F&A”) services for a broad range of private and public enterprises, as well as not for profits. RAMP FAS’ owners are Canadian based CPA’s with many years of business finance and operations experience with Small & Medium Enterprises (“SME”).

Dollar Bills
Business Plan Development & Raising Capital to Fuel Growth​

Business Plan Development                              ​

  • A Business Plan serves as a "roadmap" for a company's future and helps established, growing companies raise capital from a variety of institutional lenders, angels, VC funds and equity firms. 


  • The Business Plan development process includes working with entrepreneurs, boards of directors and management teams in order to develop and define all aspects of a company’s business planning strategy, including marketing strategy, growth strategy, acquisition strategy, and capital raising strategy.  Areas addressed from a Business Planning Session will include:

    • Brainstorming and Strategy Mapping​ to support the company's mission and value proposition

    • Business Model Design to address the current and future sources of revenues, operating expenses, cash flows

    • Identifying the Business's Value Drivers

    • Reviewing the Business and Management Processes being followed to ensure best practices are being embraced

    • Scenario Planning and Modelling

    • Identifying Business and Financial Risks (internal and externa

Capital Raising

The founders of RAMP have led the raising of 10's of millions of dollars in capital for private and publicly traded companies looking to expand.  With a solid Business Plan, Financial Model and Financial Strategy, we can help management raise capital to fuel growth. 

  • Series A,B and C rounds for Growth and Working Capital

  • Capital Structure Optimization - Debt and Equity

  • Private Placements - with accredited investors

  • Term Sheets that are favourable to clients and that limit ownership dilution;

  • IPO and RTO options to raise growth capital

  • Financial Scenarios to fund M&A transactions,corporate debt refinancing,management buyouts, growth and liquidity

  • Use of Proceeds of Capital Raise


Financial Reporting and Compliance Services


RAMP, through its alliance with its affiliated entity, Malaspina Consultants Inc., brings over 20 years of experience in servicing the financial reporting and financial compliance needs of a range of public and private companies.



RAMP brings the the idea of a shared economy for accounting services to bear in providing best-in-class financial support services at reasonable rates. Inspired by the idea of giving business owners an alternative strategic financial advisory solution, and driven to deliver the highest standard of professional services.

RAMP, through its affiliation with Malaspina, brings a solution in one of the leading outsourced CFO, operational accounting and consulting firms trusted by private and public companies in Canada, serving clients across different industry sectors, working on global projects and providing service capabilities in multiple languages.

Whether you are preparing for an IPO, need supporting for pending audits or require day-to-day full cycle accounting and support, RAMP can provide a team of CFOs, Controllers and Staff Accountants to support your financial administrative needs.

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